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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Dr. Praveena Shetty is a conservative dentist you will see in Royse City who is equipped to save your natural teeth. However, situations like severe decay or extensive damage can make it necessary to remove a tooth.

If you need a tooth extraction, you can trust Dr. Shetty @ DentistTree for exceptional care.

We perform tooth extractions for children and adults as part of our commitment to protect the long-term health of your smile with our dental treatments. Our tooth extractions are carried out with the latest dental technology and most refined technique, which means your comfort is preserved at every step.

When it comes to extracting a tooth, Dr. Praveena and her associates are a gentle and highly skilled dentists who takes the time to carefully explain your procedure as well as the post-operative instructions that will facilitate your healing.
The Way to Wellness!

Wisdom teeth removal requires a major surgical procedure. Wisdom teeth or the third molars are the last teeth to come through the gums. When they are properly aligned and the supporting gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth can be left as it is. However, most people have room for just 28 teeth, not 32. This is where wisdom teeth removal procedure proves vital. To understand the benefits of wisdom teeth removal, you need to first understand the problems that they can cause if left untreated.

Wisdom teeth growing in the wrong direction causes pain and swelling in the jaw, irritated gums, bleeding gums and bad breath. And when wisdom teeth grow inwards, neighbouring teeth are often pushed aside. It also makes it difficult to maintain dental hygiene. Since space is minimum, it will be extremely difficult to properly brush and floss around the wisdom teeth.
Here are few benefits of having your wisdom teeth removed:

        Wisdom teeth piercing through sensitive gum tissue can cause severe pain. It pushes the nerves causing intense pain, headaches, and chewing difficulties. Removing the wisdom teeth can end this pain.

        Wisdom teeth erupting through the gums causes infection. Wisdom tooth extraction is a great way to eliminate that risk.
        With all the modern expertise available, you have a relatively short recovery time.

A healthy relationship between the oral surgeon and the patient is much needed to make sure wisdom teeth extraction is done in the right manner.We do X-Rays and thorough oral exams before zeroing in on wisdom teeth extraction. If you are looking for the best dental clinic in Royse city to carry out wisdom teeth extraction, you should visit us.

If you are still nervous about extractions, we also offer sedation dentistry to create the relaxed and pain-free experience you deserve.

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